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Steven Hill is the author of the independently published A VOICE ABOVE THE DIN, available at www.lulu.com/holbrookhill, or Amazon or B&N.

Thursday, October 06, 2005



There it is! The ISBN number! I'm so excited, finally, A VOICE ABOVE THE DIN is now semi-released. Currently, it's available only through Lulu.com. You can click HERE to order a copy right now, for a paltry $15.99. Once on the site you can preview the first chapter, which I'm sure will hook you right away! You can also order a download for a third of the price if you desire that instead.

Keep in mind that it will be available through major online booksellers and local bookstores (by special order) in about 6-8 weeks, following the standard vetting process by Ingram. The Suggested Retail Price for these booksellers will be slightly higher, at $18.99. (There is an explanation for this but it's pretty complicated so I won't bother you with that right now).

Lastly, be assured that some proceeds from all sales of my book will be donated to charity. Thank you for your kind support in this endeavor. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Steve Hill


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