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Monday, December 19, 2005

Independent Artist of the Month Award: December

I know, I kinda skipped November. Okay we'll rename this The Independent Artist of the Month-or-so Award. Sue me.

Anyway, this month's award goes to, as promised, another musician! Fancy that.

The Award goes to: KEATON SIMONS.

Keaton's music is, well, in a word, awesome. It's a mixture of blues and pop and rock and .... you name it. You may not be familiar with his name yet, but perhaps you've heard his most popular song to date, Currently. It's been playing somewhat on the radio and the net. It's an acoustic, breezy, bluesy number and his voice takes on an uncharacteristic baritone a la Leon Redbone. Great song!

I initially heard that song on VH1 radio at work back over the summer (before the cyberpunks in ISD put a Fort Knox lockdown on everything that streams) so I went out and bought the EP CD Currently and thought it was the best new stuff I'd heard in a long time. Since then Keaton's put out a double CD called Exes & Whys. I actually got that CD for free. I had logged onto his website and saw in the forums that they were giving away some free copies. They must've had a bunch of extras from the print run. Anyway, I wrote to them and they sent me back the double CD free of charge. And I gotta say, I absolutely love the first CD. (The second one is ok.) But it's the first CD in the double set that is masterful! A great set of blues, blues tinged rock, and even a couple of winsome ballads. Whoever produced it put together a great combo of some of this young guy's best songs.

(Cool Note: Keaton's mom, a sometime actress according to his website, was Brunella the receptionist at the all girl's school in the classic movie ANIMAL HOUSE. How's that for a cool mom!)

I know alot of people have passed the Dylan mantle on to many wannabies who have come and gone, but I think this time it really fits. This guy is the real deal. Go check him out.

Next month (or so) the award is going to go to someone/something totally different. You won't believe it, I promise it will blow you away!


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