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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

James Frey & Norma Khoury - Not So Strange Bedfellows

Yeah, I have to weigh in on the whole James Frey thing. Seems like TheSmokingGun.com has got the goods on him, proving him a liar. Some memoir! Reminds me of that Norma Khoury from last summer - she's the one that Sydney Herald (I think that's the paper's name) exposed as a fraud after writing her "memoir" about all the female atrocitites going on in Jordan. That was a pack of lies too, evidently.

It really ticks me off to see the conglomerate publishing geniuses throw literally millions of dollars at these frauds, while hardworking, ethical authors (like myself) go largely unnoticed! Who do they think they are? Look at their incredible stupidity: In their unfettered quest for the next best seller - do the math - they could spread out 1 million dollars among 10 authors, instead of dumping it all on ONE fraud, and give them each a very decent wage and have the possibility of 10 books hitting the bigtime instead of just one. How short-sighted can you get?

The mainstream publishing idiots who allow this free for all to take place truly are their own worst enemy.

Okay Terrific.



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