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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hemingway Audio: Pick Me! Pick Me!

USA TODAY ran a story yesterday about Simon & Schuster releasing Hemingway's books on audio. I think this is really cool and long overdue!

But what's really important here is who does the reading? S&S is mum, but I checked their website out and noticed that Tommy Lee Jones is reading Islands In The Stream, and Campbell Scott is doing For Whom The Bell Tolls. Two good picks if you ask me. I know Stacy Keach has done Hemingway's short stories in the past, as well as TV documentaries, and they absolutely would be wrong to not get him to do at least one book. You listening Simon? He has the perfect voice for it. But there are still a few openings evidently for some of the books. I have an idea of who they should choose. Someone with a voice like velvet, who has public speaking ability and experience and who is a huge Hemingway fan, but alas, rather unknown.


That's right. I'm campainging to do one. I sent an email to S&S asking them for the opportunity to 'try out' for reading a Hemingway book on audio.

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love Hemingway. He was there for me during my angst-ridden teenage years, my thoughtful maturing years, and even today, in my down-the-home-stretch years. His books never cease to amaze me. And I've read them all, many more than once.

So this is my official campaign to land a gig reading one of his audio books. Spread the word and help me out. I really want to try this and maybe you can help by sending your emails to:


Go ahead and do it. Champion up support for an unknown and let's see if we can't get the big boys at Simon & Schuster to take notice and capitulate!

Okay Terrific!



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